Demon's Rise - XCOM-style Turn-based, Tactical RPG for iPhone & iPad

Nov 21, 2014
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Game Description:

Demon's Rise is a tactical, turn-based RPG that places an emphasis on both traditional RPG mechanics such as character levelling and equipment / loot and tactical considerations such as the use of cover, line of sight, area of effect of attacks and morale of combatants. Set in a dark fantasy setting, players are tasked with forming a mercenary party and fighting as scouts on the side of a Dwarf army trying to retake an ancient, underground city. An RPG designed from the ground up for quick mobile play, gameplay is divided into battle levels / encounters that are meant to be played within 10 to 20 minute sessions. Tactics and strategy are in no way watered down, however, as the underlying turn-based combat and morale system is highly developed and rewards intelligent, tactical play.

- The action is displayed in lush 3D graphics with advanced effects such as bloom, light mapping and dynamic lighting. Heavily optimized so that it still runs smoothly on mobile devices.

- Full camera controls designed for touch screens. Pinch to zoom in, use two fingers to rotate the camera freely and one finger to pan around the battlefield. Zoom in to see highly detailed character models or zoom out to see the entire battlefield to plan your next move.

- A gruelling campaign set across 67 levels, with more levels planned as free DLC. The story is written to be immersive in its realism, with players fighting as mercenaries for an army and taking part in scouting missions, daring rescues, assassinations and large scale battles

- Combat depends not on simply having powerful characters but also on how you use them. Battlefields are littered with cover positions, traps, collectable items and points of magical power. Having your heroes use these to their advantage is every bit as important as equipping them with a powerful weapon or choosing the right spell during a battle.

- A realistic morale system where a player's characters and their enemies may panic if they are close to death, see enemy reinforcements arrive, are cut off from friends, surrounded by enemies or see an ally fall. Some might cower when their morale becomes broken while other characters may enter a berserker fury in such a situation and fight harder. Brave or intimidating fighters can boost the courage of nearby allies so fighting in tight formations can be key to keeping up morale.

You can find more info on the game's product page as well as daily news updates on upcoming features in the first content update.

Demon's Rise - Conquest of the Deep

Youtube video link & mobcrush link showing Touch Arcade editor playing for over an hour:

TouchArcade - Mobcrush

Game Link: [URL="][/URL]
Nov 21, 2014
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Hi everyone,

Over the weekend, we confirmed a critical bug in the game over the weekend. It occurs in the last level of the undead levels. Therefore, I'd strongly recommend not playing the undead quest levels (Day 3 quests) until the first patch is released. We're asking Apple to expedite their review of the update.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


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Nov 2, 2009
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