1. iFizzgig's Avatar
    I'm wondering if I just don't understand how the multi-tasking works or if there is some kind of bug.

    I downloaded the new Loopt and have been playing with it and the background location stuff in the privacy settings.

    This behavior seems to be working correctly: If I slide the Live Location slider to share my live location for any amount of time, the location arrow at the top of the window shows. If I touch the Update manually option, the location icon goes away.

    Now here is where I have an issue. If I press home to close the main application, the location arrow at the top of the screen stays active even if I have Live Location set to not share my live location.

    If I open up the app-switching frame with a double-tap on home, hold down the Loopt icon and close it by pressing the (-), the location arrow is still there.

    The only way I can get it to turn off is to go into loopt and set the location to update manually or go into my phones location services settings and turn off location for Loopt.

    What am I missing? Shouldn't closing the app in the switcher kill the Loopt process completely?

    - iFizz
    06-24-2010 09:07 AM