1. Steve Doherty's Avatar
    - Backed up under iTunes 9.2.
    - Downloaded iOS4
    - Applied update - Error 3002
    - Googled Error 3002
    - Did restore from iOS4 firmware rather than update. No probs.
    - Resynching Apps, contacts and Music as I type.

    So far so good. Will post any problems.

    06-21-2010 11:50 PM
  2. Taco50's Avatar
    Only issue I've had so far is gmail is having a hard time connecting to the server.
    06-22-2010 12:42 AM
  3. ramazz's Avatar
    update hung for 5 hours with no apparent progress. Now restore won't even work, just gives me error 21. I've tried updating from multiple user accounts on same pc as well as from a fresh pc with no resolution. seems I have a bricked iphone 3gs at the moment.

    anyone else run into this and if so how did you fix other than sending back for replacement?
    06-22-2010 12:44 AM
  4. irsyadtmnazri's Avatar
    so far only one thing i noticed... when sync-ing my pic from my iPhoto.... it shows error by saying the required file is missing... though when i sync from other than iPhoto... its ok... i'm lost here... i tried resyncing.. but no work... =(
    06-22-2010 12:58 AM
  5. Steve Doherty's Avatar
    Well, it's all done and I've no problems to report. All my music and contacts are back, as are my Notes. Wifi is connected and synching with Google is fine. I've reorganised my apps into folders, and I'm pretty happy with 4.0 all things considered.

    I'll probably jailbreak to activate custom wallpaper and multi-tasking, but that's for another post.

    06-22-2010 01:14 AM
  6. discosrule's Avatar
    Looks like the google notes sync, is only one way!? iphone to gmail.

    Does anyone know what the "Linked Cards" field is when creating/editing a contact !?
    06-22-2010 01:14 AM
  7. alex.shimp's Avatar
    So far the only problem I have had is aforementioned keyboard error with Yahoo Messenger but that seems to be an app problem. update download only took about 3 mins to download, and probably another 10 to install, all in all a smooth process as I would expect....and by the way i have about 1gb free on my 32gb 3GS
    06-22-2010 01:33 AM
  8. DurbanJ's Avatar
    Hi, I'm from South Africa, just finished updating to the new iOS4 on my 3gs, but now whenever i try connecting to the net it gives the error message "could not activate cellular data network - you are not subscribed to a cellular data service" any ideas on what is wrong? it was working before i updated
    06-22-2010 03:41 AM
  9. Earless Puppy's Avatar
    Durban was your phone unlocked?
    06-22-2010 04:09 AM
  10. ERRORCODE616's Avatar
    2 bugs to note, both pertaining to the actual phone "app" on my 3GS, after installing iOS4.

    1) (This happens intermittently) When I receive a call or go to check my voicemail, for some reason the screen goes blank and until the other person hangs up or the voicemail ends (or sometimes when i mash on the sleep button), I can't access the rest of the phone. The call/voicemail runs fine, it just disables the entire phone otherwise.

    2) I entered into the Clock app (not sure if it pertains specifically to the clock app) and the green "Press to return to call" bar appeared at the top and the call timer was rapidly cycling random numbers. Note that I was not even remotely in a call at the time. And when i exited the app, the bar disappeared.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like these two occurences?
    06-22-2010 04:43 AM
  11. iVenom's Avatar
    in the app tab in iTune i was seeing apps stacked while i was trying to move them around. this happen to anyone else?
    06-22-2010 04:48 AM
  12. DurbanJ's Avatar
    @earless puppy.. it wasnt unlocked
    06-22-2010 05:11 AM
  13. john_v's Avatar
    Well the google sync servers seem to be catching up...I've got all my contacts and calendar data, now I"m just waiting for the inbox to catch up. Now that all that is working I can enjoy the update ;-) . This looks really nice, I'm glad I did it.

    Haven't noticed any bugs yet, but haven't spent a terrible amount of time playing with it. One thing that was mentioned above, that I agree with, it would be nice if you could close out a program without having to go into the switcher bar. Nothing seems to close on it's own. Maybe in a release down the road.
    06-22-2010 05:47 AM
  14. john_v's Avatar
    Updating my sons 3G and have the same issue - big orange blob of Other.
    Am resyncing to see if this solves the "Other" issue.
    I actually ended up with less of an "orange blob" of other with 4.0 than with 3.1.3. I started with just over 500mb of orange, and now after the update I'm down to 249.1mb. Sweet!
    06-22-2010 06:21 AM
  15. smileyboy's Avatar
    I have no Internet, 3G and Edge don't work on my 3GS. So, I guess i have to do a fresh restore. Anyway to get all my texts messages back on the phone or are those gone too?
    06-22-2010 06:42 AM
  16. Jkelly89's Avatar
    I tried restoring from my last backup. Didn't fix the issue w/ no data, no edge, no 3g.....
    I have wifi only. They said is have to replace my phone if they cannot fix it. I'm so pissed. I'm on the now using wifi and speaking to an apple rep to fix this issue.
    06-22-2010 06:44 AM
  17. myerscb's Avatar
    Im having the same problem and have tried everything with no luck.
    It looks like you will have to set up the iPhone as new. That corrected the problem for me and a few others in the forums.
    06-22-2010 07:14 AM
  18. Kuietstorm#IM's Avatar
    I updated my iPhone 3G 8g and I have not noticed any bugs or issues. For the first couple of minutes after install completed, there was a bit of a lag. However, after that, my phone worked perfectly. Honestly, it's actually faster with texting, opening different apps and surfing the web. With all things considered tho, I'm still picking up my iPhone 4 on Thursday.
    06-22-2010 07:17 AM
  19. trevoretrevore's Avatar
    i had the exact same issue the first time i opened the clock app. it was weird, but went away and i have yet to see it again
    06-22-2010 07:20 AM
  20. Jkelly89's Avatar
    I did. I don't know what's going on. Trying hard reset. That didn't work. Going to try to restore from an old back-up.

    UPDATE: I did not restore from an old back-up as, they were too old (The most recent I found was from September 2009). So I called AT&T. They made sure everything in the system was refreshed and sent me a free test MMS. It came through just fine. They asked me to send a picture and a video. They went through as well.
    I might have to restore as a new phone to seem if This works. I also had issued with my edge and 3G networks they said I have to get a new SIM card in order to HAndle the new iOS. free of charge
    06-22-2010 07:22 AM
  21. Jkelly89's Avatar
    3GS 32 gig 3.1.3 (jailbroke with spirit) --> 4.0

    So far my issues are:
    No 3g, edge, or wifi data
    No MMS
    Same problem same phone as well same softwRe to jb and I stil have an issue
    06-22-2010 07:24 AM
  22. samoilija's Avatar
    These are the bugs I've so far discovered with my 3GS (locked, not jailbroken). The update itseld went flawlessly, but this first version of iOS 4 just does not appear mature or stable.

    - if you change the timezone, the List View of the Calendar gets corrupted (events show under completely wrong dates), needed to turn sync off and then on again
    - the Camera has frozen once, needed to force quit the phone
    - the Bluetooth suddenly lost all connections, had to force quit the phone and re-pair everything
    - the WiFi is not automatically started after a shut down
    - if you scroll to the "next 25" in the AppStore and click on an App, the back-arrow gets you to the beginning of the list, not where you where (this bug existed earlier but was fixed in 3.1.3)
    - the phone seems occassionally sluggish, stops to "think" for a couple of seconds
    06-22-2010 07:25 AM
  23. rotchcrocket04's Avatar
    I have no Internet, 3G and Edge don't work on my 3GS. So, I guess i have to do a fresh restore. Anyway to get all my texts messages back on the phone or are those gone too?
    I'm in the same exact boat. Also wondering about the text message thing.

    I have wifi only. They said is have to replace my phone if they cannot fix it. I'm so pissed. I'm on the now using wifi and speaking to an apple rep to fix this issue.
    If you have no data like myself and smileyboy ^ more than likely a clean restore (possibly from DFU mode) and NOT from a backup, should work for you.

    1st restore. I upgraded yesterday from a jailbroken 3.1.3. After the upgrade went smooth, I restored from a backup and half way through it said it couldn't add my 16+gb of music b/c there was only 1.82gb free... but the bar at the bottom showed 25gb free. Don't know what happened there but it failed miserably if I tried to sync again... errors similar to "device full" or "internal error".

    2nd restore. Worked fine again and I restored from a different backup. When it tried to sync my Apps it gave an error something along the lines of "Internal device error" and shut off. Fail again.

    3rd restore. Everything worked well and restored from a backup just fine... but like stated above from smileyboy - no data... Edge or 3G. Reset network settings multiple times, tried everything I could think of to no avail.

    4th restore. Restored from DFU mode this time. Restore worked fine and set up as a new iPhone. Everything worked fantastic - including Edge & 3G. In order to troubleshoot (and b/c I was curious) - I wanted to see if it was truly DFU mode that fixed it or if it was my backup that was corrupt from the start. So I chose to restore from a previous backup and now the phone has no data again. It will work on wifi though.

    So. After many hours of frustration I've come to the conclusion that it was most definitely was some sort of corruption in the backup file itself. Possibly due to the jailbreak corrupting the backup somehow?

    With that said, I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about "starting over" on a clean restore tonight. I currently do not sync contacts but I'm thinking the easiest would be to sync via Google Sync for contacts and then manually install my apps. The only app that has data that I DO NOT want to lose is 1Password - but I've backed that up (a few times, lol).

    What about text messages? I've literally got years of texts from maybe 30 people that I'd prefer to not lose. I'll have to Google a solution for that but if anyone has ideas, please let me know!

    I can say, after using 4.0 intermittently, it runs 100% smoother than 3.1.x did on my 3GS. I'm impressed again. If it's running this well on my 3GS I seriously cannot wait to see how the iPhone 4 will handle it.

    Thanks for reading my rant and please feel free to chime in with any ideas!
    06-22-2010 07:34 AM
  24. kautrey's Avatar
    Mail App: When clicking on an e-mail attachment with the file extension ".html", the file opens as a text file rather than an HTML file.

    The attachment file is a valid HTML document - validated by validator.w3.org.

    Clicking/holding on the attachment only offers "Quick Look" and "Cancel" as an option (and Quick Look is the text-only view).

    In 3.1.3, clicking on an .html attachment would open the attachment in Safari as a web page.

    Send the same attachment file with the extension ".htm" and Mail opens the attachment in Safari.
    06-22-2010 07:44 AM
  25. itsyours2's Avatar
    I'm having an issue with my service after updating my edge and 3G do not work I can't search anything or even use Internet only text and call work. Only after I use wi-fi can I do everything can anyone help?
    I'm having this same problem!
    06-22-2010 07:50 AM
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