1. drummingjack2's Avatar
    Hi. I have a wierd question about Zenonia 1:
    I recently got zenonia 1 from apptrackr with installous, bc I wanted to play it before I got the sequel. However, I soon fell in love with it and bow want to purchase it in the iTunes store (along with #2). However, I don't want to lose the progress I've made in the cracked version. Is there any way to transfer my save data from the cracked version to the purchased version (safely)? (via ssh, I would assume, but i don't know how)

    any help? Thanks
    04-02-2010 07:52 AM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    No, and we don't mention cracks, hacks, or installous here or you're risking a ban.
    04-02-2010 03:42 PM
  3. drummingjack2's Avatar
    WTF? There's a section about jailbreaking! Shut up!
    04-02-2010 03:53 PM