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    Paradise Monkeys is totally FREE to download on the App Store.
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    Test your multitouch speed with the best wack-a-mole game available on the iPhone !

    ** Critics **

    17/20 - "This game surprised me by his inspirational music, for its playability, originality as well! Try it right now!" - iPhonFun.com

    - "The game play is addictive in itself, and the great thing about Paradise Monkeys is that you can see that a lot of effort has gone into polishing it" - Iphonefootprint.com

    9/10 - "Its a great game to have on your phone!" - The iPhone App Review

    "Very high quality. If you like whack-a-mole style games this version is very well done with just enough variation to make it interesting." - The App Shelf

    "The game is designed very well and the graphics make the game more enjoyable" - iSpazio.net


    Hope you enjoy this game !

    02-06-2010 10:13 AM