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Touch Adventure! [FREE GAME] Addiction Awaits!

Aug 20, 2014

Touch Adventure is a new iOS game that focuses simply on simplicity, haha. It is an App that drives your inner competitor by offering different unlockables in order for you to push for bigger high scores. With a range of 4 different modes and 3 different difficulties in each, your sure to find plenty of variety. Challenge your friends as well and see who has the higher score.


Arcade Mode:
Whack-A-Mole style game where you must crush the gems/tap the dots before any of them disappear and end the game!
Normal - Get familiar with it.
Hard - Have some good competition and challenge yourself.
Legend: Really hard to get high scores!

Free Fall Mode:
Reflex oriented game where you must crush the gems/tap the dots before any of them hit the ground!!
Normal - Warm up your reflexes.
Hard - See how far you can go.
Expert - If you have NINJA reflexes!!

Arcade with a twist! The dots that appear have a small radius of movement and if you're not careful you can tap a red gem and that's game over!!!
Normal - Check out the differences.
Hard - Start to feel the frenzy.
Chaos - It's all hectic!!!

Protect the green dot in the center! If any gems touch it you lose! But be careful, in this mode gems can spawn fro all sides and are fairly quick!!!!
Normal - Practice your skills.
Hard - Unleash your inner security guard.
Assault - Good Luck!!!!

However; even with all this magical gameplay intact, we do want as many reviews and as much feedback as possible in order for this game to reach its full potential as it is still the 1.1 version so there is a lot of user input left to go. Thank you for your time in advance!



Dec 3, 2012
Welcome to iMore. Thanks for sharing your app with our community. Good luck.