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    Hi there,

    I wanted to start this thread because last night I was having fun while I was doing some POI search on a new launched nav app called NavigArt Lite.

    I'm fanatic about F1 racing, so I wanted to see if I can create a route that will take me to visit some F1 circuits.
    Doing an Advanced search, I just entered "f1 circuit" in the "place" field and hit search button.
    Uau!...I was amazed . It showed me 10 results and some of them with phone number and the web address (i.e. "Silverstone Circuit").

    Being a huge Top Gear fan I said then: "Let's see if it finds the Top Gear circuit!"
    Opened the same Advanced Search, wrote in "Place" field "top gear" and again hit search button.
    Between the 12 results that were displayed, one suspicious result caught my attention: "Top Gear Dog". Displaying that result I was again amazed to see Top Gear circuit on the Google map view (application can display results also on Google hybrid and topographic map)!
    So i'll be damned...I really can navigate to my favorites places using iPhone navigation applications! Sweet!

    In conclusion I want to ask you to share here your unique POI findings using any iPhone navigation apps!

    01-14-2010 03:07 AM
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    Today the full version NavigArt was released. Price 1.59 euro/1.99 US dollar

    I searched using NavigArt after ME! Just entered my last name (bortes) into the "Place:" field of advanced searched and hit Search. Guess what? It found most of the locations that I visited until now!
    01-19-2010 06:34 AM
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    New update is coming soon to change the requirements from SDK 3.1.2 or later, to SDK 3.0 or later.
    Also a new feature will be added in the update. Wi-Fi hotspots will complete the list of points of interest that can be found with one touch. This feature will not be included in the free version NavigArt Lite.
    01-21-2010 06:56 AM
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    Update of NavigArt(v1.1) and NavigArt Lite(v1.1) are now available on apple store!
    01-29-2010 01:59 AM
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    NavigArt 2.0 and NavigArt Lite 2.0 are now available on Apple store!

    Major improvements in the speed application performance!
    Bug fixes.
    Display latitude, longitude and altitude for the current position. Just tap the current location on map.

    Promo codes are here to get: NavigArt - iPhone / iPod app for FREE with promo code giveaway! .
    02-15-2010 02:09 AM
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    NavigArt 3.1 is now available in Apple store. This version brings iOS 3.x. compatibility. And don't forget...now NavigArt is FREE!

    Have you tried the latest version?
    If you like it please vote here.

    Thank you.
    09-23-2010 04:12 PM