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    The most popular liar dice game for drinking.

    Still using the old school plastic cup and dices ?

    Alcohol tolerence is low ? always lose to decent drinkers?

    Here is a save for ya.

    Liar Dice 3D is a simulated augmented reality Dice Cup for playing Liar's dice. Play it alone as a dice cup or play with friends using the multiplayer mode, up to 6 players. The multiplayer mode contains game rule with multiple rounds of play.

    The dice cup are skinned with a variety of Chinese symbol of fortune and power. Originated in South America it is now quite popular throughout the world.


    -3D Rendered Dice Cup and Dice

    -Augmented reality makes you feel like you are holding the real thing

    -5 Dice Cup and 3 Dice Skins to choose from

    -Trick mode allows you to control favorable outcome

    -Multiplayer mode allows up to 6 players to play together

    -iPhone/iPod Touch 3D graphics renders realistic looking dice

    Please visit iTunes Store
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