Introducing Dino Rush Race - mobile runner game for iOs


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Jun 22, 2018
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Hello iMore !

I’m Jessica and I’m currently working for Nemoid Studio as Community Manager and also Level Designer. Based in Lyon in France, we are an independent development studio that produces mobile games.

Some of you might remember our successful 2010 2D runner game Dino Rush.

I have a very good news to share : Dundy and his friends are coming back in a new multiplayer racing game!


Dino Rush Race is a free multiplayer racing game where you must go faster than your opponents over fifty funny levels. Here, you will play against asynchronous players that we have recorded and called ghosts.

Eating fruits and using bonuses will give you more energy, more speed to outrace your opponents ! You never die, but beware, isn’t that simple. Many obstacles will be standing in your way to victory that you will have to dodge (some flying predators, melting lava … nothing to worry about!).

Want more ? Thanks to our new level editor, you will be able to share your talent with all the players and break new world records ! (yes, like Geometry Dash). The most popular levels of the community can even be added into our game. We can‘t wait to see yours !

To give you an idea of our game, this is the trailer :

The game is currently in open beta.
For iOS players, request and invitation on and get a TestFlight invitation immediately ! (or send me your email by PM to get added manually). You can pre-order the game for free on the App Store : [URL="][/URL]

For the Android players, the game is available on the Play Store.

We’d love to hear from you, especially if you previously played Dino Rush.

Please give it a try and share your feedback !

Jessica from Nemoid Studio

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