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    Love You Gold
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    version :-1.0
    Size :1.8MB
    Category:- lifestyle
    Application website:-Love

    Celebrate, make, and treat each day with abounding love! Let it be known to your sweetheart everyday-how much you love, how much you care and how much significant she is in your life!
    You will look like a great connoisseur.
    This app renders you the luxury of sending Love Cards in matter of mere moments that will overwhelmingly surprise that she will remember ever! Stay Rest assured, this app is simply awesome to work wonders.
    Sending iCard in real time with so much fun has never been so much foresighted and effective! You could set the background from your enduring memories that you share the most with your Love.
    To cherish these moments in future, Youve Save function at your disposal as well as stupendous Share feature to make things mirthful and convenient. The sentiments expressed in the app are most evoking. You have readily crafted quotes to make use of.
    The application is also so promising as to do a world of good. We guarantee that youll never come across a single dull moment since music goes on while you look at multifarious amazing iCards.
    Feel the luxury of customizing. Customize your own feelings. Write fascinating feelings on touch screen facilitated amazing iPhone and select the background from app or choose your own, and send it with a single click. All of us love to share such precious moments with our fabulous friends on Facebook. This app does that job too with finesse.

    08-12-2009 04:23 AM