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    OnePeg is a version of the popular board game Peg Solitaire.

    It’s the first iPhone and iPod Touch application developed by Nova Software.

    The goal is to remove pegs by jumping over each peg with another one.
    You win the game by leaving only one peg in the board.
    In the perfect game, this peg stays in the center position.

    This one-player puzzle game is available em two languages: English and Portuguese.

    You can choose one of the 6 skins and play 30 boards with different solutions.
    Try improve your time and score and compare your results with your friends.

    OnePeg can be downloaded in AppStore for only US$ 0.99!

    • 30 boards
    • 6 skins: Wood Table / Brushed Steel / Golf Field / Olive Dish / Snooker / Universe
    • 2 languages: English / Portuguese

    Some screenshots:

    Three promotional codes, for a while.
    08-08-2009 08:39 PM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    I snagged the first one. Thanks! This should be just like going to Cracker Barrel!
    08-08-2009 08:41 PM
  3. Tramain's Avatar
    I used HW4TMT7WH3T4 with write a review later.
    08-08-2009 08:51 PM
  4. jamesrevolti's Avatar
    Alli, we hope you like the game.
    I don't know the Cracker Barrel, do they have olive dishes there? lol

    Tramain, we'll appreciate your review!
    And I'm following you on Twitter. Thank you, dude!
    08-09-2009 02:20 PM
  5. Alli's Avatar
    They do not have olive dishes, but they have the little wooden peg boards on every table!
    08-09-2009 02:37 PM
  6. jamesrevolti's Avatar
    Two videos!

    In this video, our developer Walter is trying a sped run.
    08-13-2009 05:12 PM
  7. jamesrevolti's Avatar
    OnePeg 1.0.1 was released and works with iPhone OS 2.2 and later!

    We released a FREE Lite version too, with the English Default board:
    08-27-2009 07:29 AM