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    PicoScrum is a goal management application that allows you to focus on reaching your goals rather than simply creating task lists.

    Based loosely on the Scrum framework for software development, PicoScrum makes proven techniques available to everyone and for all kinds of projects.

    With PicoScrum, you can:

    - Create Projects to organize your work.
    - Create a Backlog of estimated, prioritized Tasks for each Project.
    - Organize Tasks into "timeboxed" goals called Sprints.
    - Track your progress within a Sprint with simple indicators including: days remaining and percent complete.

    By automatically creating sprints for you, PicoScrum creates milestones that help you complete your projects. The application does this based on just two pieces of information that you provide for each project that you create:

    - Sprint Length (how long each sprint should last)
    - Estimated Velocity (how much work you think you can do in each sprint)

    PicoScrum is ideal for organizing sets of related tasks into projects, such as:

    - Organizing a school memory book for the PTO
    - Landscaping your back yard
    - Renovating your kitchen
    - Writing a software application

    If you're looking to track sets of unrelated tasks, there are many very good GTD / todo list applications that may be a better fit for you.
    07-24-2009 06:27 PM