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    Hi everyone,

    I would like to introduce our 6th applicaion, WatchOut!

    Nothing is more important than your safety, and the safety of those you love. One way you can increase your safety is by being aware of the people who live around you. The reality is that nearly all of us live near a registered sex offender, but few are aware of who these people are and where they live.

    WatchOut is a tool to help you stay safe by helping you be aware of these individuals in your community. This program is for parents, people who are planning to move to a new area, people who are dating and anyone else who is interested in knowing who is nearby in order to be safer.

    WatchOut allows you to:

    - Know who is around you by searching for registered sex offenders by zip code
    - Be sure an individual is not an offender by searching for their name in the database
    - Find out where the highest concentrations of offenders live by plotting them on a map
    - Tag selected individuals to access them quickly and easily

    To help the cause of domestic violence, 10% of profits are donated to the Domestic Violence Center Domestic Violence Crisis Center

    Dont get caught off guard. Watch Out!

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    04-15-2009 02:06 PM