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    Well, I'd like to make a list of applications on the iPhone that have a desktop pendant and can sync data to/from that. I'm not talking about apps like FileMagnet that use a desktop "helper" but real (almost) equal programs on your computer and iPhone.
    Mainly, I'm interested in Mac software but other OSes are also welcome

    Okay, I'll start with those two:

    - Things, which is a great GTD application and
    - 1Password which allows you e.g. to take your stored passwords from your computer's browser with you on your iPhone.

    I'm not tryin to discuss whether those are good or bad or how good or bad the iPhone version implements the desktop's features... I'm just trying to make a list here.

    So, what sync programs do you know of (or even use)?
    11-02-2008 03:41 PM