1. mws_1984's Avatar
    How do I get it to tell me I have updates besides when I go into the App Store? When I first got phone it used to show up on App Store icon Now only if I go In store it will show me.
    02-13-2016 07:48 PM
  2. pr1nce's Avatar
    I've never had updates show up on the icon.
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    02-13-2016 07:51 PM
  3. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    Don't know what to tell you. I remember seeing app badges for App Store updates in the past but Apple got rid of them at some point. Now app updates show up next to the Updates tab within App Store but I have automatic downloads enabled so I don't really worry about it.
    02-13-2016 07:59 PM
  4. Trees's Avatar
    I have iOS 9.2.1 installed. My App Store badge icon currently shows 15 updates.
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    02-14-2016 10:04 AM
  5. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    They do eventually show up on the badge. But it takes a long time. I usually open the app store app before they show. Not sure why the delay. It started with iOS 7. In iOS 6, they were more prompt. I'm sure there's a reason, I just don't know it.
    I'm guessing it has something to do with auto updates, which began in iOS 7.
    02-14-2016 10:12 AM
  6. dictoresno's Avatar
    I've had the same issue. 90% of the time i just check daily and catch updates as they pop up. other times they automatically update without every notifying me and i see the update in the store app.
    02-14-2016 10:31 PM
  7. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    I use AppShopper to get notifications for apps on sale and updates. I get these notifications way before I get one from the App Store.
    If you like apps, this is a must have.
    AppShopper Social by AppShopper.com, LLC
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    02-15-2016 12:49 PM

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