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    So where's the 5-inch iPhone?

    So it is obvious to me that Rene Richie took his time and a good amount of research on what he put into this article and after reading the entire article I was quite impressed at how he broke down 6-7 sub articles in one on what all this means by just simply why or why not Apple is or is not going to make a new iPhone to be announced Sept. 10th in terms of screen size. I think we all pretty well know what the phone itself will include other than the new iOS 7. Either way this a must read IMO so jump on over and form your own opinion and leave your own comments on what you think.

    So where's the 5-inch iPhone? | iMore
    08-15-2013 02:47 PM
  2. mountainman's Avatar
    Good read.

    I'm sure there is a bigger iPhone floating around in some lab. I'm sure at some point they will bridge the gap between 4 inches on the iPhone 5s and the 7.9 inch iPad Mini.

    When this will be, is anyone's guess. But I can tell you this, if it's not with the 2014 iPhone, people are going to flip. No one is expecting a bigger iPhone this year (no leaks to go on). But I think that by next year, people will expect the option of a bigger iPhone.
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    08-15-2013 02:56 PM
  3. warcraftWidow's Avatar
    Maybe it's because I have both an iPad and iPhone, but I can never understand why people want a bigger phone. I have average size female hands and much higher wouldn't allow for easy use one handed. I guess a bigger phone would be better for video but I never use my phone for that except for brief YouTube clips. Anyway, it doesn't hurt to have options I just wouldn't want them taking away the current size option or making the current size "inferior" by not giving it the latest and greatest processor, memory, optics, etc.
    08-15-2013 03:04 PM
  4. Eileen89's Avatar
    In my opinion the current screen size of the iPhone 5 is fine. I view most web content in landscape mode anyway. IF the iPhone does end up with a larger screen it won't happen till next year at the earliest....

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    08-15-2013 04:33 PM
  5. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    I believe the same as Rose but it will be interesting to see. I just see a new processor and a few more Hardware tweaks of course with the new OS.. Maybe next year on a bigger phone although the blog as a good article the the Apple board is pushing Tim Cook to develop products at a faster rate so it is going to be an interesting Sept. 10th.
    08-16-2013 12:04 PM
  6. Trees's Avatar
    It is a good article with many well thought out responses making the case for the current and larger screen sizes.

    Having used the Galaxy S3, and Note 2, iPhone 5, and now back to the 4S - I think the optimal screen size is somewhere in the 4-5" range. My last phone was the Note 2, so I'm struggling somewhat adjusting back to the smaller screen given aging eyes.

    But, I'm holding out for the 5S as in my view the ecosystem, product quality, longevity, and support are overall great.
    08-17-2013 09:38 AM
  7. nokia4life's Avatar
    I wouldn't mind keeping the same and next year releasing a larger one I would also like for them to get on w schedule of a spring and fall iPhone release I'm just saying

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    08-19-2013 01:23 AM
  8. Padron26's Avatar
    Bigger is sometimes better, being a male it fits my hands perfectly, even with single hand use. Going to a larger screen will have to take some getting use to.
    If your a female or minor it would make it even harder, on the other hand millions use androids with large screens.

    I'm comfortable with the size now
    08-20-2013 07:40 AM
  9. Davyo's Avatar
    When iphone finally does a bigger screen I might come back,,,,,, been doing the Galaxy thing ever since I jumped the Apple ship (main reason was I wanted a bigger than 4" display) the 5" display on the GS4 is amazing to say the least for everything from texting to web browsing to watching YouTube video's.

    When I play with friends iPhones these days I'm just stunned at how small the 4" screen is now,,,,, I love my iPads (and the Android tablets I have),,,,,,, but when it comes to a phone Apple really needs to offer more than a one size fits all.

    I'll keep hoping for a 4.5 to 5" screen size,,,,,,,, someday it might happen,,,, but until then I will stick with Android.

    08-20-2013 08:39 AM
  10. CSI Guy's Avatar
    Some of us want a bigger screen because we are visually challenged. AKA we are older and cant see the small screens anymore.
    08-20-2013 05:28 PM
  11. Balooz's Avatar
    Buy glasses
    08-20-2013 05:39 PM
  12. Trees's Avatar
    Buy glasses
    Unfortunately even with glasses a smaller screen is a challenge. Wish glasses solved it.
    08-20-2013 08:51 PM
  13. warcraftWidow's Avatar
    Some of us want a bigger screen because we are visually challenged. AKA we are older and cant see the small screens anymore.
    iOS 7 will have a nice accessibility setting for dynamic type size (in apps that choose to support it) where you set a text size in the settings and it changes in all apps.
    08-20-2013 09:19 PM
  14. pappy53's Avatar
    Buy glasses
    There's one in every crowd.
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    08-27-2013 09:47 AM
  15. Eileen89's Avatar
    Buy glasses
    One should not have to buy glasses to read the text on a phone. Offering the ability to change the font will work just fine.

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    08-27-2013 01:49 PM
  16. Balooz's Avatar
    In the iOS 7 there is indeed a font size settings. It should be enough for those of us that are sight impaired.
    08-27-2013 01:52 PM
  17. anon(27512)'s Avatar
    I'd love a bigger iPhone. There are moments where a bigger iPhone would be better than an iPad. I think it would be great to have two premium phones in the lineup. One 4" (current) size and a 5" size. That way users who want the smaller screen could still have a premium device in a size they can hold.
    09-01-2013 08:47 PM
  18. taz323's Avatar
    I'd love a bigger iPhone. There are moments where a bigger iPhone would be better than an iPad. I think it would be great to have two premium phones in the lineup. One 4" (current) size and a 5" size. That way users who want the smaller screen could still have a premium device in a size they can hold.
    I'm one that really likes the size of my iPhone 5, it just works for me and I wear glasses. But I also believe there's nothing wrong with choice.
    09-01-2013 11:19 PM
  19. yodaxl7's Avatar
    I think 4 inches is ok. I want a few things by 2014. I want 4k resolution, closer to 5 inch screen and i-wallet!! I want my iPhone to be pro-gamer that you can play ps4 quality games on it like you can on ps Vita.
    09-02-2013 02:43 AM
  20. boovish's Avatar
    Its in your head, where it belongs
    09-04-2013 10:01 PM
  21. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    So where's the 5-inch iPhone? It's probably in the "if-push-comes-to-shove, we'll-make-one" file cabinet.....
    09-05-2013 09:02 AM
  22. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    Just to retort to those saying it needs to be bigger because of the sight impaired...my dad can't see for sh*t, but uses his iPhone and iPad perfectly with no complaints about the size of things on the screen (including texts)...in fact, after moving to the iPhone, he text messages SO much more than he did before.
    09-05-2013 10:08 AM
  23. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    That is pretty cool and if a 5 inch screen came the next thing is going to be when the next size and so on. This phone works for me.
    09-06-2013 08:46 PM
  24. xlipstickandbruisesx's Avatar
    I personally like the size, maybe a tad wider would be nice but not by much. Call me crazy but when I am out I actually like to enjoy what I am doing and who I am with instead of being on the internet/watching videos/playing games/ect. If I need to look something up the 4" is plenty big enough and if I really wanted more screen size wherever I am that is where my LTE mini could come in handy. Save the internet browsing and whatnot for when you're at home and have access to computers and/or smart tv's. I think my absolute max would be around 5" for a screen size on a phone, the Samsung Note series is honestly one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen.... buy an iPad or tablet at that point!
    09-07-2013 04:37 AM
  25. svfd757's Avatar
    After coming to the iPhone 5 from the galaxy nexus, I appreciate the size and form factor of the iPhone. The nexus got too big after awhile.
    09-07-2013 10:38 AM

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