1. elitemarine's Avatar
    My lock button on my 4s just started "sticking" today. I must press it very hard to lock/unlock the phone. I looked up my Apple Care and it looks like my 1 year has expired, so basically I am SOL. Is there an easy DIY way to fix this issue, or should I deal with it until my March upgrade?
    01-15-2013 01:59 PM
  2. John Yester's Avatar
    has the device been near any moisture or soda to cause it to stick?

    Maybe compressed air to clean out the grooves may help.
    01-15-2013 02:09 PM
  3. elitemarine's Avatar
    Not exposed to anything. Was working fine this morning, literally stopped working 10 minutes before I posted this topic.

    EDIT: Now the lock button ceases to work at all
    01-15-2013 02:10 PM
  4. John Yester's Avatar
    Just to make sure it's not iOS, have you rebooted the phone. It may seem you have to push the button in very hard but there maybe a delay on triggering it in the OS. But it very well could be something stuck in there.
    01-15-2013 02:19 PM
  5. elitemarine's Avatar
    No, it's hardware. You can tell the button even sits deeper than it used to. There is no "click" when pressing it either.
    01-15-2013 02:22 PM
  6. Garz's Avatar
    Apple will still swap it but will charge a out of warranty fee to do so
    01-15-2013 03:23 PM
  7. elitemarine's Avatar
    Apple will still swap it but will charge a out of warranty fee to do so
    About $150?
    01-15-2013 03:35 PM
  8. Garz's Avatar
    About $150?
    I know that's the price for the 4. Unsure about the 4S. Probably the same or similar.
    01-15-2013 03:43 PM

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