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    Hi there,

    The problem is my iPhone 4GSM (factory unlocked) on IOS 5 crashed and i can't access to the phone interface because its stuck at the spinning circle after the pinapple logo disappear (Jailbroken by redsn0w).

    and Believe me when i say that i had tried every guide and fix out there to get it to work.

    tried: TinyUmbrella, iFaith(IOS 5 not supported), Adjusting the host file, accessing the recovery mode, building a custom IPSW with sn0wbreeze and everything :@

    Now...I need to RE-restore it with the same IOS 5 (without upgrading to IOS 5.0.1)

    tried hundreds of times and got 3194,11,10 and a bunch of errors from iTunes :/

    and from what i understood that no way to restore ipsw without the annoying itunes.

    and one last question: do i need the ios 5 SHSH to do what i need to?

    btw i don't have the ios 5 SHSH

    So help is seriously appreciated
    11-23-2011 09:24 AM