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    I'm sure you guys have been dumped with plenty of these the last few days, but mine may be a little different for all of the same reasons.

    I am currently a crackberry user, a 9700, and have been feeling extremely outdated recently.

    Brief background, i am no fanboy, went from VZW Pearl, Curve, ATT iphone 3G, 9700. Loved each for different reasons, disliked some things too..

    I originally left the 3G because in my house the reception was terrible, in a lot of place for that matter. Initially i was soo infatuated with the iphone i pushed aside the message bar never completing, and call failed screens. Then I started interning and working, which means i was emailing a lot and using my phone more... You guys can guess what happened from there. I switched to the blackberry and have to admit my service is sooo much better then my 3G ever was. The 3GS came and never tempted me, and even the ip4s launch didn't tempt me...

    My brother, an ip4 owner, said the service was much better, and the phone was faster. I chose not to believe him because he occasionally has fanboy tendencies.

    So there is my first question.. Is the ip4 really a large step forward in the reception, service area??

    The reason i said I'm switching is because my blackberry is outdated, and as a recent press conference indicated i don't believe RIM has any intentions in making a phone that competes with the android and iphones of the world. That is why i plan on switching, BACK to the iphone, but staying on AT&T.

    So as of now its all speculation, but is there any chance all of these people jumping off ATT will alleviate the stress and data usage on their network, therefore speeding it up. Maybe I'm just hopeful so if I really do switch I will be coming back to the iphone, and we can frolic off into a world of full 3G bars, sent text messages, and unicorns. A boy can dream cant he.

    Thank fellas, hopefully ill be back soon.
    01-13-2011 03:27 AM