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    I am trying to understand between a factory unlocked iphone and a jailbrake.

    If you buy directory from apple and it is a factory unlocked phone, does it become locked at used as I use a rogers sim. Let say I want to go to Telus. Because it is a factory unlocked iphone can I just put in my Telus sim. Or do I have to jail brake it then unlock it.

    I picked up a Iphone 3gs recently from Apple. It was not locked to any network> Originally when apple swapped out my iphone I gave them a Fido phone. They gave me another phone and I used a Telus sim and it programmed it via Itunes.

    12-26-2010 11:18 PM
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    I'm not sure about the other models, I don't think they offer unlocked. The iPhone 4 is unlocked when you buy it from Apple you can use it with any SIM. You will not need to unlock it via Jailbreak it is unlocked. I've used mine with my Fido microSIM as well as Telus and Rogers they all work as they should.
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    12-27-2010 12:16 AM
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    Factory unlocked means you can use it with any GSM carrier's sim card anywhere in the world. Should be how all iPhones are sold, but unfortunately Apple on sells factory unlocked ones in the countries where it's legally forced to do so.

    A factory unlocked phone is not a jail broken one (unless you jail break it)
    12-27-2010 12:10 PM