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    Not sure if you peeps have seen this pic or not ? It is Steve showing the Russian President the new i4 ..

    Check out how he is holding the i4 .. Some peeps are asking why is he holding it like that ? Did he know about a possible reception problem ? I wanted to get some of you guys thoughts ( on if Apple knew there might have been a possible reception problem )?

    That said I have to state that i received my i4 on June 23 and i am not having the reception problem ( i have tested holding every way possible , and at several different locations )...

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    06-25-2010 03:08 PM
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    I saw this picture in the New York Times yesterday (while in line to pick up my iPhone 4, actually...) and thought of the same thing after I heard reports of the reception problem...wonder if Dmitry is having the same problem...

    FWIW I haven't really experienced the problem, either; not terribly concerned about it.
    06-25-2010 03:23 PM