1. bayourock's Avatar
    I gave my old original iPhone to my girlfriend to use. I jailbroke & unlocked the phone for her. i has worked well for almost 8 months now.

    Today, the screen has become virtual unresponsive. I cant "slide to unlock", but it does work every few tries. if i can get the phone opened or unlocked, the screen is semi responsive. I can do a few things, but some touches dont do anything. Is the sensors back or should I try to restore???

    I'm worried about restoring because I am running 3.1.1 and with a restore I am concerned with being able to unlock the phone again.

    Any thoughts?????

    Thanks for any thoughts.....
    01-30-2010 10:08 PM
  2. bayourock's Avatar
    i want to restore to see if that solves anything, but i dont want to screw up my jb and unlock.....
    01-30-2010 11:12 PM
  3. Greg Orlando's Avatar
    Did your phone fell somewhere? The screen sometimes does not respond because of system can not make up with the memory. Try turning it off and on again and check if it works. Jailbreaking do not have any connection with the problem.
    01-31-2010 05:02 AM
  4. GDong#IM's Avatar
    The bottom half the Touch Screen becomes unresponsive after couple of years. What happens here is the digitizer becomes slightly dislodged from the glass and it stops working.

    It is not worth it to spend any money on iPhone 2G, as the repairs are expensive.

    iPhone 2G is bad architecture. The Touch glass, Digitizer and LCD is integrated into one single part. The new genuine assembly itself costs approximately $70. Now the labor is close to a hour job. So any repair shop offering to do the repair will reasonably charge you $150. This is not a problem. The battery life of 2G is ~ 3 years. So within another 6-8 months your battery is going to die out, and now you are looking at another $150 to change the battery. Again this is also a reasonable charge as the battery is soldered to the logic board. Are you willing to spend $300 on an iPhone 2G which is outdated? This does not make any business sense. Just go buy yourself a new 3GS.
    02-01-2010 12:07 PM