1. MsVitch's Avatar
    please forgive me. i feel like an imbecile. but i desperately need help.

    i have a jailbroken iphone. 2nd generation.

    i recently downloaded the categories app from cydia. filed most of my apps into neat folders. while going through cydia and uninstalling a few packages i deleted the categories app without going through the necessary steps.

    this was not my intention.

    now i have folders on my springboard filled with apps but no categories app to edit them. i just want to delete the whole thing. well the folders.

    PLEASE help me. any suggestions at all will help. but keep in mind i am not an advanced user. i know enough computer stuff to get by. enough to know to i made a mistake and messed up my phone, but not enough to correct the problem.
    11-23-2009 12:42 AM
  2. flyingember's Avatar
    You might want to post this in the jailbreak section
    11-23-2009 06:59 AM
  3. MsVitch's Avatar
    ok thanks
    11-23-2009 10:43 AM
  4. IGoSlo's Avatar
    Try to Reinstall Cat APP.
    11-23-2009 07:18 PM