1. Kevyerin's Avatar
    Hello, I'm in need of some help. The past month or so I have noticed that there is quite a drastic delay in getting notified of new emails on my yahoo account , sometimes hours. Now if I manually go into email it works fine. Can anyone help with this or tell me if it's a yahoo or apple issue to escalate further. Or advise if the fact my wife now uses a iPhone and has the same account might be causing it. I have tried deleting and readding the account and it works well fir a bit. But then I'll get a important email 90 min after it was sent. Any help would be immensely appreciated.
    11-05-2009 04:54 AM
  2. iBoxtaboy's Avatar
    Happens to me too. Sometimes it works fine, and then sometimes, it is spotty. Yahoo push email is just unreliable on the iPhone. If you want rock solid email push notifications, switch to a blackberry or purchase MobileMe for your iPhone. Otherwise, you can restart/reboot your phone, and that sometimes helps to temporarily fix the problem.

    Or open a gmail account and establish your push notifications of email through the exchange slot on your phone. That is a bit more reliable than the yahoo push on the iPhone.
    11-05-2009 05:43 AM
  3. Brickman's Avatar
    Welcome Kevyerin!!

    I agree with iBoxtaboy. Gmail and MoMe are the most reliable "push" email solutions. I use MoMe and love it!! Gmail works very well also.
    11-05-2009 08:02 AM
  4. chobbs1's Avatar
    Mobile me is Rick solid!
    11-05-2009 08:45 AM