1. fogducker's Avatar
    If i restore will it upgrade to itunes 9.1 will it auto upgrade baseband to 3.?????. It was at 3.0 before my problems.:

    I have a problem with my iphone and i need your expert help. I have tried everything i can think of with no luck.
    My problem was when i tried to sync with itunes....when the phone on the usb tried to make connection...i got a blue screen and before i can read it the puter reboots. I have xp sp2 and it might have messed up the drivers for usb.
    I tried another puter and installed itunes 8 i then held the home button and itunes recognised restore mode i then tried to restore from ipsw backup file and i got half way through and crashed leaving my phone in restore mode with the screen with usb plug pointing to itunes.
    I tried another puter and when i tried restore it says it can't restore with error 5 as the reason. If i try just a restore it says it will restore like original with update software and im afraid it will update to 3.1/? and it will lock. It is/was at 3.0 when the trouble started.

    I have been working on this for days because i didn't want to bug you but i give up........can you help....please....please Thanks
    10-25-2009 01:52 PM
  2. teryan2006's Avatar
    Yes, restore through iTunes will also be to the latest available version of the software. And yes, it will re-lock if you are using your iphone on an unsupported carrier. I don't think you have much of a choice.
    10-25-2009 05:46 PM