1. Steve-O's Avatar
    I'm currently having a problem re-installing an app (Facebook) & am after some advice/tips.

    I downloaded Facebook 3.0 via the app store on my iPhone & installed. But when loading the app it kept crashing. Tried re-starting the phone etc but still no luck.
    I deleted the app from my phone & was then going to re-download it from scratch, but the app store is saying I still have it installed & won't let me re-download.

    I have tried deleting it from iTunes, re-downloading & re-syncing, but it won't appear on the phone at all & I still can't access it in the app store via the iPhone.

    As a note, despite deleting the app on the phone, in the settings there is still a Facebook section, although it has no icon & when selected just loads a blank screen with no options.

    Is there any way of completly deleting Facebook from the phone so that it will recognise that it is gone so I can re-download?!

    All help appreciated!!!

    08-28-2009 01:43 AM