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    For people having issues with 3.0 being sluggish... I'm willing to bet you restored from a backup when you updated rather than updating to a new iPhone. Restore your device and select set up new iPhone... your issues will go away. Promise.


    how about all my contact data and email, will they be gone?

    could someone please post a best practices guide for updating an iphone? (even a short one)

    Edit: If you click on restore and set up new iPhone you can restore your contacts and settings afterwards.

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    06-23-2009 02:09 AM
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    I'd like to know as well....

    Also, should we "upgrade" or "restore" to 3.0? Is "upgrading" the only way to save you settings? Is there a way to "restore" to 3.0 and still keep all emails, SMS's, voicemails, contacts, etc...??
    06-23-2009 02:44 AM
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    looks like there is a two part process:

    1,) restore (which should be called 'reset' since it suggests a restore from a previous backup) your iphone, this also upgrades the firmware and also resets the device to factory.

    2.) then you choose if you want to restore the last backup or set up a new phone. at which time i guess your data will not be restored.

    i am currently in the process of restoring the old backup, an will reply when finished.

    one workaround could be to setup a mobileme trial, synch to that, reset and then resync your contacts from there.

    06-23-2009 03:16 AM
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    Thanks for the response. I would definitely appreciate your comments after you finish restoring the backup. Did you click on "set up as new phone?"
    06-23-2009 04:12 AM
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    i hit "restore" and not "set up as new iphone" thus restoring from my last backup and synced afterwards (apps, music, video..). so far all my info is there, all things i checked thus far work flawlessly (wifi, appstore, mail, copy paste, files lite....).

    06-23-2009 04:22 AM
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    Thanks for the prompt responses, Kutsch.

    Are your contacts, SMS's, calendar events, camera roll, Map bookmarks, and voicemails still there?

    Thanks again,
    06-23-2009 05:07 AM
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    yes, everything is still here (which i hoped it would, after a full restore of the backup.)

    speed is fine, apps don't close, wifi works as well, so none of the problems that promted the "do not restore from backup, set up as new iPhone" reply arose.

    so my conclusion is to use the restore and not the update button, and then to restore from backup. if problems arise you can still restore to factory and set up as new iphone. (altough how to get your contacts etc. back after that is still a mystery).

    06-23-2009 06:23 AM
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    Thanks a bunch.

    Are these basically the steps you took?......

    (1) Update itunes (if you havent already)
    (2) Plug iphone in
    (3) Download the update (click "Download Only")
    (4) After it downloads click "Restore" on the iphone page
    (5) Click yes when it asks if you want to back up
    (6) Let it do its thing
    (7) Click restore from backup
    (8) Done
    06-23-2009 06:37 AM
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    yep, exactly that.
    I hope it goes as smoothly for you as it did for me.

    06-23-2009 08:14 AM
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    Thanks again for the help. Everything went smoothly. Except one thing, for some reason my visual voicemail doesn't work... it just calls the voicemail like a regular phone.

    Did it do that to you too? And do you know of a fix?
    06-23-2009 09:20 AM
  11. kutsch's Avatar

    since i am in austria, and orange had visual voicmail disabled by factory default, i wouldn't know.

    happy to hear that things went mostly fine for you!

    06-23-2009 09:33 AM