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    I have been trying to sync Yahoo Calendar with my iphone for quite some time and finally found an easy solution (not perfect) that works for me.
    Please note that I am using OS X 10.4 so the problem was to sync Yahoo Cal with iCal.

    Here is my findings/solution:

    First, you need to update to the "All-New Yahoo! Calendar".
    If you run OS X 10.5 Leopard then it becomes super easy and just follow these instructions:
    Can I sync with Apple iCal? - Yahoo! Calendar

    For those (like me) running OS X Tiger, it's still possible but it's only an "one way" sync only.
    Anyway, it works well for me since I do all my changes in Yahoo.

    So, first, update to the new Yahoo Calendar Beta.
    In Yahoo Cal, open "Share Calendar/Other Ways to Share".
    Copy and paste the .ICS Link

    Now in the Apple iCal app., in the toolbar, choose: "Calendar/Subscribe" and paste the ICS link.

    You are done!!! Whatever changes you make on Yahoo Cal will be reflected in iCal (see settings for an auto refresh in iCal).

    Regarding the iphone sync, make sure that this new calendar (I called it Yahoo Calendar) is checked in iTunes for syncing.

    Good luck and hope it helps someone.
    03-03-2009 12:15 PM