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  1. Frenzytom#CB's Avatar
    I am curious on what interface you all prefer if you had a choice of any of the above. Apple has a way of simplifying and recreating interface designs based on efficiency and balancing form with function. Voice command, gyrotyping, handwriting recognition, etc...
    06-29-2007 11:29 AM
  2. dstrauss#IM's Avatar
    I have really come to love the Samsung Blackjack keyboard/jog-dial, combined with Voice Command. I have never felt the need for a stylus on the Blackjack, and I have been a PDA/smartphone touch screen junkie since the original Palm Pilot (oops, am I still barred from saying those two words together). I don't think I could handle not being able to select a contact to call by simply picking up the phone and start typing in the last name - wakes up the phone and finds my contact PDQ. Voice Command turned out to be a great way to dial the phone without looking, as well as starting programs quickly.
    06-29-2007 11:33 AM
  3. LupeValenz's Avatar
    I gotta go with handwriting recognition. I am spoiled by the TH55 with decuma. It is so much easier for me to write on the PDA's than it is on the virtual/hard keyboards. My fingers ache after a while so I can't keep it cramped over the keyboard alot, writing doesn't give me that pain.
    06-29-2007 12:14 PM