1. daytontp's Avatar
    I am very curious to find out where Engadget got the info that the new Apple iPhone supports A2DP. I have watched the Macworld video on Apple's website, I searched the comments on several Digg posts, I searched the comments on the Engadget article, I looked on Macrumors, Appleinsider and Thinksecret and also the specs on the iPhone on Apple's own website. I can not find this info anywhere. So, did Engadget pull that out of their bu^^?

    I have a Cingular 3125 and it has A2DP along with several other Bluetooth technologies, but it has Class 2 BT 1.2, not 2.0 and EDR. So, I do not think the fact it has BT 2.0 + EDR means it comes with A2DP.
    01-10-2007 07:35 AM
  2. hannip's Avatar
    I am wondering that myself. I couldn't find it in the specs or video either.
    01-10-2007 07:40 AM
  3. daytontp's Avatar
    After reading some stuff on Bluetooth.com, it appear that A2DP is a codec, which in revision 1.0 supports MPEG 4 AAC files. Since this is a codec, it is logical that it oculd be loaded onto the iPhone without changing the hardware in it.

    75 page Bluetooth.com PDF on A2DP:
    01-10-2007 01:12 PM