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    I have 3G off and Wi-Fi off Using Mail, Tweetdeck and checking on a few webpages in 8 hours i'm at roughly 85% to 75%. When I use Wi-Fi it usaillay drops around 5% in about 15mins. I almost never get below 55% or some days I don't get near that and throw it on the charger at night to charge it to 100% use it and then turn it off and throw it back on charge to get it to 100% and leave for the day. Does this sound like a bad battery? I have a friend that just got the 8GB 3GS and I have the 16GB 3GS and they use 3G all the time and do roughly what I do and see to have better battery life. Also I played with a 3GS at the apple store with Wi-Fi on and Brighter screen and compared to mine it had better battery life.

    Also I have another few months, till November, of Applecare. If walk in or make an appointment with the genius bar at the Applestore do they have something that actually test the battery and what is the likelihood of getting it replaced?

    02-21-2011 12:34 PM
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    The first stat, 75%/85% in 8 hours with the usage you described, to me sounds perfectly normal, as I've found EDGE to drain my battery quicker than 3G does.

    However the second, the 5% drop every 15 minutes on WiFi does not sound normal, I almost never drop battery that quickly when I'm connected to WiFi at home, and so that may be worth getting checked out. Are you getting strong WiFi signal from the base station your connected to? As that can effect this.

    Apple will replace the battery in your phone if it drops below 50% of it's original designed capacity within your AppleCare coverage term, and so if they find that it's dropped below that, it's considered defective, and will then replace it for free at the Genius Bar, however I'm not qualified enough to say if your battery has dropped to that level or not, personally it doesn't seem it, but others will be able to answer that question better than I can.

    You may wish to try letting your battery drain fully to 0% when your device shuts off, and then allowing it to charge back to 100% and see if your battery acts any differently, this process isn't as common or even as necessary as it used to be, but it's still good to try every now and again.
    02-21-2011 12:59 PM
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    Thanks I also took a screen shot yesterday after about 9 hours off charger on EDGE of off an on email checking and replying (Manually) , a couple of text, Tweetdeck and a little Safari browsing. Does this seem Normal to anyone...

    Also does the Applestore check battery's on a Walk-in? Does anyone know how long it takes? And does it count against any thing? Like I was going to gets worst I can get it looked at again before my Applecare runs out?

    02-26-2011 08:41 AM
  4. flatlined#IM's Avatar
    Anyone thinks the usage is normal?

    03-03-2011 11:35 AM