1. jeffrockz90's Avatar
    I don't think I will be making the jump so fast even tho my contract is over and will be eligible for the upgrade to me I don't find the iPhone 4g going to be very groundbreaking as from when it was the first iPhone and then the iPhone 3g came out their was so much hype about the 3g. I just got me a new 3g not to long ago so I'm going to keep it for a while till the iPhone 4g prices go down or might just wait for the next iPhone for 2011 I'm sure by then it should at least be 4g data capable o think then that would be a major update for all 3g and 3gs users as our iPhones will only support 3g bands. But for now I think it's not worth the upgrade yet but if AT&T hurry's up and rolls 4g network which I doubt is coming soon. Once an iPhone with 4g data capable comes out then I will jump on that iPhone but for now I'm still satisfied with my 3g 8gb. I know the 4g iPhone is going to be hot but in my opinion i think I can hold on one more year and hope a 4g data capable iPhone comes out next year then I will be jumpin off my *** lol like I did when the 3g iPhone was annonced because I hated edge network on AT&T too slow!! So anyways do you guys agree or disagree with me and y? To me their just isn't enough upgrades to the 4g that's coming out. I can wait for a year but who knows I might just say forget it and get the 4g lol but for now I'm sticking with my 3g 8gb!!
    05-31-2010 09:29 AM
  2. cobra302's Avatar
    if i had a 3G i would upgrade for sure. with my 3GS im gonna wait and see. i will get the same functionality of the os where the 3G wont. multitasking as an example. front camera and ichat do nothing for me at this point.
    05-31-2010 10:50 AM
  3. Alli's Avatar
    05-31-2010 11:07 AM