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    Those of you that have moved up from the smaller tablets, how long did it take you to get used to them?

    I LOVE the ease of handling the smaller tablets. Had a Galaxy Note 8 then a Galaxy Tab S 8.4 which I still have kicking around. I was saving for the new iPad mini which I now know will never come out. I used that money and then some to purchase the new iPad Pro 10.5 which I've had for 11 days now. I'm so torn cause sometimes I love the large screen for the extra real estate i.e: looking for a new house and the apps split pane isn't too small. But, other times I hate how awkward it is to hold and type on with your thumbs. I am finding that a lot of times when I'm just lounging around, I'll just use my iPhone cause I don't want to deal with the iPads bulk. It really only feels ok at at table or propped in my legs. I can't just lounge back and hold it like I used to like to with the smaller tablets. So why not just take this back and buy the iPad 4? I may but I find it hard to justify spending that much money on a device that's a few years outdated.
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    I'm also adjusting. Just picked up a 5th gen iPad (the non-pro 9.7) to replace my 4 year old 2013 Nexus 7 so that's almost a 3" difference in screen size. I definitely appreciate the extra screen, just getting used to holding the tablet especially since iPads are more square than at least my Nexus was (more of a 16:9 widescreen rectangle). Especially since you went with the Pro unless you really don't need/want the Pro specific stuff I think you'd regret going with the Mini 4. It's a much older processor/etc. and like you said that makes it really hard to justify the $$$.
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    Those of you that have moved up from the smaller tablets, how long did it take you to get used to them? ...
    Never. Moving "up" from an iPad mini 4 WiFi to a iPad Pro 9.7" WiFi + Cellular didn't work for me despite the obviously quicker processor and very nice True Tone. The larger iPad was simply too awkward to use in comparison. For me, the 7.9" mini hits the sweet spot. It's the only tablet that has ever been able to replace my e-ink Kindle for long reading sessions. Plenty large enough for watching movies on the couch. Compact enough to tote along just about anywhere—like a paperback book. Also, Verizon offered a new iPad mini 4 128GB WiFi + Cellular for half what I paid Apple for the refurbished iPad Pro 9.7" 32GB WiFi + Cellular. Fortunately I was within the no-questions-asked return period.

    The mini 4's A8 is still plenty powerful enough for my usage and should be good for at least a couple more years. I'm quite happy with my "old" mini and it'll do me until (hopefully!) Apple comes out with a sequel.

    But that's me. I hope you can get used to the larger iPad Pro 10.5" tablet. It's a fine device with many advantages over older iPads, especially if you use the Pencil and keyboard.
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    I actually love using the pencil so that's another thing making it hard to return it and get the Mini. I thought about returning and getting the pro 9.7. When unused one of those a few months back I was not at all impressed with the pencil. This 10.5 is very impressive. Just wish they had a mini pro
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    ... Just wish they had a mini pro
    Amen! I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
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    Amen! I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
    Me Too...LOL
    06-28-2017 11:19 AM
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    Attached screenshot: June 19th iOS Today (17:39), host Megan Morrone, "I love my iPhone and iPad [Pro]... and I write in my journal... never the twain shall meet."

    She's holding up an iPad mini-sized paper journal and she didn't connect the dots. If there was an iPad mini Pro the twain *could* meet. The perfect moleskin/journal.
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    The one bit of advice I can give you all is to stick it out. The 9.7" isn't that bulky, compared to the Mini, sure, but compared to the next generation of tablets today (iPad Pro/ SPro4) it's small enough. The 10.5 is mm's bigger in the hands.

    It takes a while, but if I could go from an iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 Plus to the point where after a while I was unaware of the huge size of the phone the same can happen for you. And with iOS 11's new features I think you'll appreciate the space of the 9.7/10.5 vs. The 7.9 on the Mini more than you ever might have before
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