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    My buddy and I were talking, and we came up with an interesting idea for how to get AT&T to basically subsidize an iPad for him. I know this won't work for everyone, but it might for some.

    He currently has an iPhone 4 on AT&T which was eligible for an early upgrade, and just purchased an 16GB iPhone 4S and renewed a two year contract. After 2 weeks of playing with it, he's rather underwhelmed with the 4S and has come to realize that he might have been better off just sticking with what he had for now (FYI - Not looking to get into a debate on whether an upgrade from a 4 to 4S is worth it or not! It's his opinion, and he's entitled to it!). At first he was considering returning it within the 30 day window. In talking to him, it turns out what he really wants is a 16GB WiFi iPad 2, but doesn't want to shell out the $500 for one. Then, we came up with this idea:

    Currently, an iPhone 4S 16GB is selling for about $600-700 on average on eBay. Instead of returning the 4S, he can eBay it, and assuming he can sell it for about $650, he can use $500 of that money to buy his $500 iPad. He can then just continue using his old iPhone 4 under the agreement he just signed for the 4S, and he winds up getting an iPad for basically the $199 (maybe less, depending how much is left of the remaining $150 after eBay fees) he paid for the 4S. I know that it does mean he's in a new 2 year agreement, but as he would continue to use his AT&T service anyways with his old iP4 (which he's happy with), it's not that big of a deal in our opinions. Yeah, he might have to wait a few months to hit his 16-18 month window next year if the iP5 comes out, but his bill with AT&T is large enough on his family plan that he would likely get a slightly earlier upgrade, or worse comes to worse, use another family member's upgrade next year. Plus, he gets an iPad 2 for likely under $199.

    What do you all think? Obviously, you'd need to have an iP4 currently, be eligible for an upgrade, and not really want the iP4S too badly. We thought it was a pretty good idea (if the situation is right). If it would work for you too, then all the more power to you!
    10-26-2011 01:09 PM
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    I did an upgrade through an authorized AT&T store (not official) early this year for my 3 lines (I had my own line done separately directly with att over the phone.) So I managed to get a free Samsung Corby I believe it was, ( I think it runs on Bada) and sold it on ebay for $200 something, So basically what you are saying sounds very much like a good plan. Yes, you do end up with another 2 year contract but at the end of the day you actually save $300 or maybe more. I think this works best for people with multiple lines. Another advice would be to look for authorized carrier shops as those guys can have their own discounts and sometimes even super early upgrades. plus at some places they wave activation fees (at least thats what they did for me 2 times already)
    10-29-2011 04:54 PM
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    It's a good idea in theory but you have to make sure you can ebay it for that much money

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    10-29-2011 06:24 PM