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    I went to the Apple Store and demoed some iPad 2s. I am a photographer and I wanted to see how my RAW images would import to the machine. (It turns out you cannot import to the demo machines because they're locked, so I had to borrow a friends original iPad and buy a camera kit to test with... but that's another story.)

    I need a machine with the best contrast and brightness. My first concern was the white bezel would confuse the eye, but after using a black and a white iPad2 side-by-side, that didn't seem an issue. Instead, the display on the white bezel machines seemed actually slightly dimmer. The detail in the black suffered as a result. This really shows on the demo machines looking at the preloaded pictures of the puppy, which has black fur with white markings. On the black machines, I could see details in the black fur and on the white nose. On the white machine, the blacks were inky.

    Thinking it was the brightness setting, I put the brightness to max and turned off the auto brightness. No difference. I proceeded to check side-by-side two sets of black- against white-bezel machines configured identically. The white-bezel machines were consistently dimmer and the black detail lacking. Side-by-side, the black machines had identical brightness, ditto (though dimmer) for the white.

    Has anybody else noticed this? Maybe it is my photographer's eye here. Probably wouldn't matter to anyone else, but I thought I saw a difference.

    It could be a build issue, too. In that case, an online order would be brightness roulette whether I went for the black or white bezel. I think the white one is prettier, but if it really is dimmer (perhaps light leaks?) I will buy the black one.

    Any observations, thoughts? I'm thinking of going back to the Apple Store and asking about this directly, but considering the lack of genius in the employees, I expect just to see head scratching.
    04-18-2011 03:44 AM

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