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  1. captainmorgan's Avatar
    I absolutely love TiPB!! You guys have the greatest info on everything Apple. I check back every day to get the latest news and advice on apps, events, and software. This is such a helpful website! I love all iOS devices, and would love to get an iPad 2. It would be such a helpful device for me! Thanks!
    03-09-2011 02:25 PM
  2.'s Avatar
    I would love to be able to take my movies with me while I travel. Planes would be much nicer if my kids were watching Pixar movies the entire flight.
    03-09-2011 02:26 PM
  3. Stilettoson's Avatar
    I really like the TiPb site because it is so informative and accurate, and they give away free things! I would really like a new Ipad!
    03-09-2011 02:30 PM
  4. reidwt's Avatar
    TiPB love

    video how to's
    my top source for all inews
    hot podcast to boot
    03-09-2011 02:39 PM
  5. kumasokka's Avatar
    TiPb and it's sister sites are such a wonderful resource for hard to find information. They also provide specific and relevant articles on their choice subject (in this case iProducts). Though the greatest asset that you all provide is your vibrant and active community, and the focus and care you give it. That is the hardest thing to achieve on the internet, and you have done a bang up job of both cultivating and maintaining a fun and inviting atmosphere for discussion and discourse. Thank you so much for the service you provide to us!
    03-09-2011 02:44 PM
  6. shanky_sanks's Avatar
    I like the analysis and reviews ... the app update posts and detailed blogs.
    03-09-2011 02:55 PM
  7. mulder1961's Avatar
    I love TiPb is the slickest, cleanest, smoothest iPhone/iPad/iPod blog on the planet and where else can I go to get the most relevant information on apps, hardware tricks and links to everything that makes having an iPad worthwhile. The chance to win an iPad 2 is to great to pass up. Yeah I wanna win an iPad 2, too!!!

    Thanks for a great blog.
    03-09-2011 02:57 PM
  8. nickanglin89's Avatar
    iHave TIPB on it's own twitter list so when iWake up iCan see what's new in Apple news thx to all the staff who give us the news & videos of the latest products. TIPB is my main source for Apple news be it a new iDevice announcement or Software updates. TIPB does a great job for us i users keep up the great work thank you for the iPad 2 contest iWould most definitely appreciate winning one from TIPB!
    03-09-2011 03:07 PM
  9. BigLan's Avatar
    Luv coming to TipB because it's a great place for unlimited resources.
    03-09-2011 03:09 PM
  10. jgambler21's Avatar
    Getting up to date Ipad information every day, multiple times per day!
    03-09-2011 03:16 PM
  11. needtogolf's Avatar
    Upgrade time! I am looking forward to winning, I mean buying, a new iPad 2. Thanks for all of the great podcasts and posts. I enjoy the insight you guys bring to my iPhone and iPad.
    03-09-2011 03:19 PM
  12. Ronald's Avatar
    I appreciate the daily tips.
    03-09-2011 03:26 PM
  13. mtmjr90's Avatar
    I love the podcasts the most on Tipb! I say you should add an iPod/AppleTV Live! podcast...sooo....yeah
    03-09-2011 04:24 PM
  14. JayKC's Avatar
    I like how you guys present quality posts, I know that when I read the articles here it will be useful and not a waste of time!
    03-09-2011 04:27 PM
  15. janedo1586's Avatar
    I've learned *so* much from these forums and love the blog Twitter feed! I can quickly check for breaking news on my iPhone any time, any where! Would *love* to have a new iPad2!!
    03-09-2011 04:29 PM
  16. safesolvent's Avatar
    Theres *soo* much American coverage all over the internet regarding Tech & Appleô but the fact that TiPb has Rene Ritchie's Canadian point of view is probably amongst the top reasons i go directly to TiPb for my hit. That and i think their less likely to ever be as annoying as gizmodo
    03-09-2011 04:33 PM
  17. afazel's Avatar
    My favorite thing about TiPb is that it's where I learned how to do absolutely everything with my iPhone back in the day, and if I win an iPad 2 it will be where I learn how to do everything with it.
    03-09-2011 04:43 PM
  18. Thorndy's Avatar
    My favorite thing about TiPb is the amount of info you provide throughout the week between Tweets, iPhone Live, iPad Live and TiPbTV and the friendly, fun and respective relationships the TiPb staff has for each other that they share with the TiPb community each and every day. Thank You TiPb Staff! :-)
    03-09-2011 04:47 PM
  19. luckyipad's Avatar
    I enjoy the fact that TiPb is one stop reading. Everything is here. But out of everything, I spend the most time in the iPhone and iPad tips and how-to section. Thanks!
    03-09-2011 04:52 PM
  20. pogeypre's Avatar
    Just joined ATT and can't be happier. Would love to join in the fun on the iPad. Especially since my company now allows iPads to be used instead of laptops.
    03-09-2011 04:52 PM
  21. AMODT's Avatar
    I enjoy the fan∑tab∑u∑lous updates. I always find something fresh to check out.

    Grazie peeps
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    03-09-2011 04:57 PM
  22. raven#IM's Avatar
    I love TIPB for the amazing Podcasts. Twice a week is perfect for me to keep up with all that's happening around iOS.
    03-09-2011 05:11 PM
  23. 9thWonder's Avatar
    where else can i get impressions of Samsung's boardroom, full of bad british accented men? Only could have been better if he'd stuttered the whole way through? Plus no other podcast gives me references to MC Ren and Ice Cube and they are all bound by the laws of physics of which TipB is clearly not.

    Game Blouses.
    03-09-2011 05:27 PM
  24. reabbraingore's Avatar
    Firstly the cars aren't too complicated. They have no traction control, for example, which means you can spin if you try too hard and damage your tyres if you're not careful with your driving style.
    03-09-2011 05:33 PM
  25. Gemmini's Avatar
    I use TIPB for all my latest and most informed all IOS news. You guys are great and really cover the whole gambit!!! I like that I can get all sides and it does not seem as if it is a "fan boy" only opinion. I appreciate the great chemistry on the Podcast between the Hosts, and how really informed everyone seems to be. It is the first blog I check in the morning and the last blog I read at night!!! So even if I do not win the Ipad, I guarantee I will still be a fan!!!! Great work guys keep it up, and keep keeping me entertained )
    03-09-2011 05:37 PM
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