1. Stephen Huxtable's Avatar
    Something strange is happening when I double click the home button to switch or delete running apps. The expected behaviour is you see a snapshot of each app that should reflect its current status. But I have noticed that it sometimes shows an image from an earlier time most noticible with Safari. This can have some embarrassing consequences if somebody is watching your screen! Has anybody else noticed this behaviour or has a known fix?
    06-28-2014 06:52 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    06-28-2014 07:33 PM
  3. taz323's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore, Sorry have to say haven't seen that before.
    06-28-2014 07:58 PM
  4. iOS Gravity's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore. This never happened to me. A restore might fix it.
    06-28-2014 09:40 PM
  5. pr1nce's Avatar
    I haven't seen that. Try to reboot your device. Hold the power button and home button together until you see the Apple logo, then release. Good luck.
    06-29-2014 02:10 AM

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