1. oliverlock's Avatar

    My College has given me lots of eBooks to download on my computer using Adobe Digital Editions. They then went on to say how to get those books onto iPads, Kindles and so on. I drag them into Books on iTunes and then sync Books with my iPad.

    However, when I went on my iPad in iTunes and tried to click 'sync Books' I got the following message:

    "Are you sure you want to sync books? All existing songs, films and TV programmes on the iPad will be removed."

    This seems crazy. Am I doing something wrong?

    09-07-2012 04:19 AM
  2. garylapointe's Avatar
    It sounds like you haven't been syncing that iPad with that computer (or at least not syncing those options). So it wants to wipe things out. Is that computer the normal one?

    You might (and I say might) be able to right-click on the iPad name (on the left of iTunes) and choose "transfer purchases from iPad" and then I'd do a right-click "backup" and it might pull that stuff over to the computer. Check to make sure it pulled EVERYTHING over to the computer.

    Then when you sync you won't care since you double-checked that you have everything.

    If it's not the computer you normally sync on, it'd be best if you just put those documents on that computer and synced from there.

    09-07-2012 11:55 PM
  3. oliverlock's Avatar
    Yes, this is the only computer I have used with my iPad. I have downloaded the eBooks onto my computer via link provided by College and they are sitting in my iTunes. I just can't now sync those two books with my iPad - it wants to wipe my iPad!
    09-08-2012 06:11 PM
  4. MayhemMaybe's Avatar
    It is an extreme annoyance of iTunes. When you go to Sync something it wants to delete everything off your device. When you turn off sync, it wants to delete everything off your device. Dare to want to use two computers, it wants to delete everything off your device.

    I ended up having everything deleted once because i dragged some songs I had bought from Amazon onto my device and found after that only those songs on it instead of everythign that had been there.

    Have you tried just dragging the books right onto your device instead of first into Books in iTunes? Thats what I've ended up doing with my iPad since I dont care to have books in my iTunes on my computer and the books end up in iBooks with no problem.
    09-08-2012 07:55 PM
  5. oliverlock's Avatar
    Yes, iTunes is so insulated and makes it so difficult to use anything not purchased from their store. Doesn't help the argument that the iPad is not for productivity!

    Thanks MayhemMby; I have done just that.
    09-14-2012 08:51 AM
  6. MacPhernand's Avatar
    You could always try to check the "manually manage music and videos" on the summary window on the ipad menu in iTunes.
    Then just drag your books, music or whatev to your iPad, and voila! I never check the sync whatever on my iGadgets.. kind of annoying.
    Hope this helps!
    09-27-2012 10:36 AM