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    Anyone who is least interested in making their privacy to them and doing secure web browsing especially while using public Wi-Fi hotspots does not feel the need of VPN for their iOS. While VPN affecting internet speed is another concern of not using a VPN for respective platforms either Windows, Android or iOS.
    VPN help users' to encrypt their data traffic and enjoy safe and barrier- free web browsing. Suppose if I am somewhere in a coffee shop and want to use my iPhone to watch geo-blocked show then what will I do? I will switch on my iOS VPN and start surfing the net without facing geo-blocked barriers by connecting to the servers of respective geo-blocked regions. I personally use ExpressVPN for my iOS while I am on open internet location because it keeps me secure from hackers and prying eyes along with giving me a digital license to geo-blocked websites. The reason of opting it was that it is among the fastest VPN services and shows minimal affect on my overall internet speed.
    Well, no doubt I did a lot of research before purchasing VPN for my iPhone because it is one of the thing I love the most. I went through certain VPN review sites that helped me alot. I bought my product from here [redacted]after going through the list of best VPN for iOS. I just shared here my personal experience which I hope would be any way beneficial to you. Still I would suggest you to do your research and think twice before paying your valued money.
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    Having a VPN is more of an 'identity and data protection' rather than unblocking websites. It's a perk though, but what you should understand that VPN encrypts your Internet data from the get-go. On the other hand, HTTPs only protects when a trusted handshake is established, even then you are not safe. Before that, your data is open for interception by an attacker, government, or any other stakeholder. Count your ISP in for accessing your data and using your information against you.

    Since, your mobile device is more like your identity, having personal information and other private data. Protecting such data is essential. You wouldn't want any third party marketer to be following your social profiles? Same is the case with public shared Wi-Fi that are accessed by hundreds of people. You never know who has technical skills to access your data on public network and pretend to be you on social profiles, using small files such as cookies. So, it is best to have a VPN on iPhone rather than relying on HTTPs alone. I would say security is process and you need a combination of tools to protect every loophole possible.
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    Having a VPN is more of an 'identity and data protection' rather than unblocking websites. It's a perk though, but what you should understand that VPN encrypts your Internet data from the get-go.
    Well, it encrypts it to the VPN server, but if you are accessing data on the public internet through the VPN server, then it's only encrypted if it is TLS/SSL - just as if you are connecting through the ISP. Rather than having your metadata (i.e., which servers you connect to and when) collected by the ISP to whom you are connected, this will be at the VPN server instead. If you trust the VPN server, that's great. But - are you sure of them? Do they log your data? For how long?
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