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    How much more ram does it need to go from 30% to 50% of the screen?
    Laughing at that ^

    and responding to your reply to me--the point is that my iPhone 6 right now is unscratched, completely capable of continuing on for another year or two, so why can't I enjoy multitasking?

    As a matter of fact, since I'm not an iPad owner, maybe I'd see that the multitasking on the iPhone is great, but a bit small, forcing me to grab an iPad. Or, maybe I'd be so inclined as to buy a new iPhone--possibly an iPhone 6S Plus...

    However, since I'm not even given the option, other than having to first spend more money on something new, when what I have works and is fully capable of running such an option, I'll never try the feature.

    How many times have you seen your switch-app screen glitch on an iPhone 6, like you're in Safari landscape mode, and then you double click--and the switch app screen is "landscape," meaning you'd have to swipe up, not left or right, to close the app--because it's in landscape.

    It glitches, so why can't I just have a landscape mode on an iPhone 6.

    The whole point with that is that the iPhone 6 is just a smaller version of the 6 plus--other than that, nothing is different, so why can't they build software that runs on both the same, and if I decided my 6 was too small, I have the option to go up. There was no way I was upgrading from a 5 to a 6plus just for landscape mode--knowing that the 5c was a perfect size for me, but I'd love to give the 6 a chance. But the 6 plus is still too big to me. I don't need all of that.

    Just another reason why I'm upset with Apple. They've never catered to a power user, but they are now beginning to offer useful features--just not across the board. It's a shame. No reason why someone like me, who's power-using on a public beta right now, shouldn't be able to work even faster on my iPhone. There's no reason at all.

    The feature is out there (multi), so why must I wait for a "new device" for access to it (assuming someone's 6S comment was legit)?

    Why.... No reason at all.
    08-06-2015 10:32 AM
  2. bellifritz's Avatar
    iOS9 Public Beta 2 Now available - 7/22/15-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1438882818.605026.jpg

    Beta 3 is up, but I don't have wifi right now.
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    08-06-2015 01:40 PM
  3. kch50428's Avatar
    Beta 3 is up, but I don't have wifi right now.
    I'm not seeing it yet...
    08-06-2015 01:43 PM
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