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    OmegaSPY is a program for jailbroken iPhone. It is as its name indicates a high level spyware that will tell you a lot of data on the target device.
    Created at the base of the iPhone, OmegaSPY has successfully implemented on mobile phones to our surprise we do from day to day ...
    Program implementation in the iPhone is the ability to send a lot of data such as:
    . on incoming / outgoing calls
    time of the call.
    Similar to the SMS with the ability to read the content of messages sent / received.
    GPS on the phone (useful in case of lost / stolen).
    Each information is refreshed every 30 minutes. This, again, will tell you exactly all the activities of the target device.
    To access your information, it's easy. You connect to omegaspy.com and see all the information.
    12-20-2011 03:13 AM