1. MustangLife's Avatar
    Hey all. Currently on 4.2.1 with 05.15.04 on 3GS and I've been jailbreaking for 2 years. BlackRa1n, Comex, LimeRa1n, GreenPoison. But I'm scared of redsnow. Am I just being paranoid? Is the other guys working on something for 4.3.2. Those educated jailbreakers on here. Tell me yah or nah on Redsnow or just wait.

    04-19-2011 04:17 PM
  2. grunt0300's Avatar
    I too am scared of RedsnOw. I've only jailbroken with GreenpoisOn, but had a great experience. I'll wait for their next JB, and stay with 4.2.1 for now.
    04-19-2011 04:24 PM
  3. Ipheuria's Avatar
    If you ask me Pwnage Tool is the way to go, all the tools are well crafted if you just wait until the initial testing phase is over when other people find the bugs I've used redsn0w, greenpois0n, blackrain and on and on never had any problems.
    04-19-2011 04:43 PM
  4. w00dy's Avatar
    I l0ve redsn0w!!! Always dependable and always works...the 1st time.

    When 4.2.1 untethered came out and people were having issues actually getting cydia to launch, redsn0w installed cydia with 0 issues.

    But my favorite was blackra1n! All praise to geoHot
    04-20-2011 09:00 AM
  5. vietalogy's Avatar
    I just use what's available.
    04-20-2011 10:24 AM