Planning to do jailbreak with redsnow ? Must read this once !

sameer kapoor

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Dec 25, 2012
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Hi, Are you planning to do jailbreak with redsnow then there is something I have to share with all of you imore friends.
Recently I was trying to jailbreak my iphone 4 (GSM) ios 5.0.1 with redsnow 0.9.15b3 . I was doing everything step by step but in the last it said " exploit failed " . Then I tried my way, I connected my iphone to my pc ( windows 7) and put my iphone in to DFU mode first then I started redsnow it automatically detected my iphone - connected in DFU mode then I clicked jailbreak - install cydia and then redsnow did its magic flawless and within 10 minutes I was a happy untethered jailbreaker.
Now , my main point is to tell all these things is according to redsnow you first click jailbreak then it gives you instructions to put your phone in to DFU mode I think it is a good practice for beginners but the main problem arises at this particular point due to mistiming . So, the final word for
new jailbreakers is " learn to put your phone into DFU mode first then do other things like jailbreaking, upgrading , downgrading ,restoring etc . So LEARNING TO PUT YOUR PHONE IN TO " DFU MODE " SHOULD BE YOUR FIRST AND FOREMOST STEP IN THE WORLD OF JAILBREAKING . Now according to my experience step by step guide for DFU mode is as follows :
1. Connect your phone to your PC.
2. No need to switch it off, you can do it with screen on.
3. Simultanously hold POWER button and HOME button for 10 seconds.( no need to first press power button for 3 seconds . ) While you are holding both buttons after 7 seconds , screen gets off it means you are doing right.
4. After initial 10 seconds ,remove your finger from POWER button but still continue to hold HOME button for further 15 seconds and then after these 15 seconds remove your finger or thumb from HOME button and now your phone is DFU mode.
I don't claim that this is a new method but it is according to my experience and you can learn it with your experience , don't get panic if you stuck in DFU mode just disconnect your USB cable from phone and reconnect and also disconnect cable from your PC and reconnect in alternate USB port on your PC if have and then press both POWER and HOME button simultanously for 30 seconds or untill white apple logo appears on screen whichever comes earlier. This is called HARDBOOT. I wanted to share with all of you , GOD knows may be this is helpful for someone. Thanks for reading friends , your views and suggestions are welcome , have a nice day . :rolleyes::eek::)

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