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    Ok, these might be stupid questions but I am new to Jailbreaking.

    If I jailbreak my VZW iPhone will/should I plug my phone back into iTunes later on in life? Or will it mess it up?

    The whole thing about blobs and what not kind of confuses me and I haven't really been able to figure them out. So what are they, and what do I need to do with them?

    What happens when an update does come out from Apple for the iPhone? What do I need to do/what do I need to not do?

    I am sorry if these are stupid or don't make sense, some of this just confuses me.
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    Yes, you can sync a jailbroken iPhone to iTunes.

    The SHSH blobs are what allow you to downgrade to a jailbreakable os. They count as a signature from apple on your firmware. You should save them every time a new OS comes out, so you can downgrade if you want to.

    I personally wait to upgrade until the OS is jailbreakable. You can pry biteSMS out of my dead hands.
    02-10-2011 09:52 PM
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    I had some similar questions and let me see if I can help. I have had my iPhone for awhile, but am new to JB.

    After the JB, simply plug your iPhone in as you normally would. The Cydia (JB) apps will not back-up into iTunes, but everything else backs-up as normal.

    Don't worry about blobs and SSH, the greenpois0n JB doesn't need them.

    When an update comes out from apple...don't update until a new JB is available, otherwise you will lose all your JB apps.

    Hope that helps.
    02-10-2011 09:55 PM
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    Ok, So I think I get it for the most part, when Apple releases a knew system update or os I shouldn't update my phone until Greenpoison has released an updated version of their Jailbreaking utility?

    Also, if I ever want to get rid of Jailbreaking on my phone i'll just restore it back to a previously saved version from iTunes correct?
    02-11-2011 07:27 AM
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    I went through a whole explanation of shsh blobs just recently in another thread as well other people have too. So do a search of shsh or blobs and you should find it. The jailbreak modifies the firmware/OS so it can run 3rd party apps and customizations but beyond that the phone operates just like an other iPhone. You should infact sync as often as you want since that backs up the device and data. If you're jailbreaking you can upgrade to the newest firmware depending on your own preferences. If there is a feature that you really want in the new firmware, if you can do without your jailbreak apps. In the three years the iPhone has been around there has always been a JB for the firmware it just depends how long it takes to be released. If you need the phone to be unlocked then you should never update the firmware until you know there is a method that will allow you to unlock on the firmware.

    Yes to get rid of the JB just do a restore or upgrade to the new firmware. There can sometimes be problems, very rarely, but read a couple threads to see what happens and the suggestions o what to do.
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