1. MAGNUS's Avatar
    I have an iPhone 4 jb'n since day one. Just recently I updated to 4.2.1 and jailbroke with greenpois0n with no issues. A few moments ago I updated some apps (games) via the apple app store and when they were done updating I had three blank/white icons on my home screen; FieldTest AdSheet and another I can't remember the name. I opened AdSheet and it crashed. I opened Field Test and it seems to be related to AT&T network. Anyway I locked my phone and then the icons disappeared.

    Has this occured to anyone before? Is there any reason I should be worried?
    02-08-2011 08:06 PM
  2. Ipheuria's Avatar
    I've heard of this before do a search, I'm sorry I don't remeber what the solution.
    02-08-2011 08:34 PM