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a few weeks ago my elderly friend bought a new iphone se. asked me to transfer old phone to it.

i did this using itunes as the do not remember icloud password, icloud email password and the security question answers are not right.

we didn't really need the icloud login details as transferring old iphone that was backed up to my itunes worked as it was a brand new phone. everything transferred over (but we still couldn't log in to icloud)

yesterday i added her gmail account so she could access her emails. i also updated to the new ios as it was there. I also created a new icloud account for her but couldn't add it as we couldn't sign out of the old one.

she called me this morning. the contacts have disappeared from her new phone (whats app is still there but numbers are not recognised)

im presuming that this is because contacts is not being backed up through icloud as is everything else?

we are happy to reset the new phone, back it up again from the old one and add new icloud account but i cant sign out of old icloud account to do this. plus i think that the old icloud account will be re added when restoring from itunes.

i'm at a brick wall here. i don't want to download dodgy software online to resolve this.

Any thoughts/advice/recommendations on this would be much appreciated.


Mar 2, 2016
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First of all, welcome to iMore! In order to continue this conversation, you may want to consider registering for an account here on iMore. If you're interested, click here to learn how to sign up!

Now, in regards to your post, you were going to need to contact Apple support. You will need to know your friends credentials in order to prove her identity as the phones owner to Apple support. Once that’s been done they can help you.

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