1. mrxmry's Avatar
    Hi Guys,
    I got a new 3GS and jailbroke it following this tutorial
    on iClarified..... How to Jailbreak Your iPhone 3GS on OS 3.0.x Using RedSn0w (Windows)

    In the about section i see:
    Version 3.0 (7A341)
    Modem Firmware 04.26.08

    I dont want to do anything to my iphone that is irreversible back to the original firmware.
    Can I use iTunes with my iPhone?
    Will it automatically upgrade?
    What are the "safety measures" if I want to download unofficial apps etc...

    09-20-2009 06:10 PM
  2. Tramain's Avatar
    Can I use iTunes with my iPhone?
    Will it automatically upgrade?
    What are the "safety measures" if I want to download unofficial apps etc...
    Well I don't think there is anything safe about downloading unofficial apps. Thats why they are unofficial.
    09-20-2009 07:00 PM
  3. hghflyrjd1's Avatar
    just dont restore u wont loose anything and never update to a higer newer firmware until your sure there is a jailbreak and unlock if needed
    09-20-2009 07:09 PM
  4. mrxmry's Avatar
    ok thanks!
    Should I How to Capture my iBEC and iBSS?
    What if something goes wrong? How can I restore and still be able to jailbreak?
    Can safely restore to 3.0 and never go 3.1 or will restoring always force 3.1 from now on?
    Should I disable Autoupdate on itunes?
    I am confused by this whole story and dont want to brick my phone...
    09-20-2009 07:19 PM
  5. lionheartednyhc's Avatar
    What to do when jailbreaking:

    1. Jailbreak.
    2. Download packages (apps).
    3. ....
    4. Profit.
    09-20-2009 07:26 PM
  6. mrxmry's Avatar
    09-20-2009 07:27 PM
  7. lionheartednyhc's Avatar

    As for restoring back to 3.0, I do not think it is possible at the moment. You will be forced to go to 3.1. Watch sauriks twitter for updates..

    Jay Freeman (saurik) (saurik) on Twitter
    09-20-2009 07:31 PM
  8. mrxmry's Avatar
    ok cool,,,i think I am about to be enlightened....so basically I should be careful not to f*** anything up with my iphone so I dont need to restore as any restore via iTunes will force me to go 3.1 and that will premanently prohibit my iphone from jbing, correct?

    how about backing up iBEC and IBSS and all that jazz, is this relevant for me?
    09-20-2009 07:36 PM