iPhone 3GS keeps rebooting (bricked?) no WIFI

Dejan Nedelkovski

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Jul 26, 2016
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Im new to this forum. I tried searching but i didnt find the answers that i need. I am sorry if this is a duplicate post, but i am desperate to find a solution and fix my broken iPhone. So, this is what i have and what i did.

I have an iPhone 3gs (pretty old yeah) which runs on iOS 1.6.1 10B500 and its locked on Telia network (Sweden). It run smoothly before i JB it. I found many tutorials and they were all the same so i decided to jailbreak it and unlock it by downgrading the baseband so that i can use it with another SIM (network).
First, i downloaded redsn0w 0.9.15b3 and IPSW iPhone2,1.6.0_10A403_Restore (full file name). Then i did everything as guide said (install cydia, install iPad baseband and downgrade from iPad baseband while selecting the downloaded IPSW.
The process run smoothly but now the phone doesnt have wifi (is greyed out) and it shows "searching" and doesn't have network. When i go to the "about" section in settings, the modem firmware is blank and wifi address has only zeros... Also, i cant restore the phone via iTunes or redsn0w... i got errors..

Please, if anyone can help me out here i would be very greatfull.
If you need anymore info just ask




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Nov 6, 2011
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Could be a hardware failure... Not worth putting much time into a device that old.

Says the man who can afford a new phone...

Anyways, OP, ealrier firmwares and phones had greater chances of breaking things... On a permanent level. I think your best bet would be to put that phone on 4.3.3, which I think is what it will update to When you plug it into itunes.
There is a jailbreak for that as well.
If you absolutely need the baseband downgrade and what not to unlock just nake sure you double and triple check your research before doing it again... You might be out of luck already.
Can you not get the phone unlocked by the original carrier to use in whatever network you want at this point?

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