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    In 2010 Apple created the iPad a beautiful touch screen device that allowed developers to create rich applications. Many are magazines and newspapers that are done in such a rich and modern way with rich text, moving graphics and images. Some say the iPad is the feature of newspaper reading.

    but did you know this concept came long before the iPad? Even before the internet?

    In 1981 San Fransisco news station KRON ran a report about a concept that was underway that allowed a person to read a printed newspaper on their computer screen.

    now remember. This was 1981. The personal computer wasn't something you would find in everyones homes.

    In order for this to work, the user would need a rotary dial phone, that they will dial a number from, place the headset on a device while the paper was being "downloaded" to the computer. It took over two hours to receive the text, and you didn't get images, ads or the comics. $5 per hour of use, compared to the then 20 cent street edition.

    Watch the video, it is indead intresting

    10-22-2010 11:37 PM