1. Caballera's Avatar
    I was reading some tweets on my iPhone and noticed that Rene mention Google Wave and how his friends did not like it. I was curious who here has tried Google Wave and what they like/don't like about it. And if Rene saw this thread if he had his own insight. Thanks.

    I just finally started using Google Wave last week after waiting to get 'invites' that I could send to friends and co-workers. My co-workers and I use it to share links, send messages to the group and find it easier then sending IMs to each person, and more convenient then sending emails to a group for 'little' things.

    However, we all notice that it's slow, a lot of bugs, like profile pictures not displaying, text not displaying properly on a lot of mobile devices, ie iPhone, MyTouch, although it displays nicely on a co-workers new Nokia N900.
    11-28-2009 05:42 PM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    The biggest problem is that it requires constant attention. If you don't go looking at it, you have no way of knowing anyone has left messages or information for you. It's a lot like a personal forum or BBS, but totally impractical as it stands at this point.
    11-28-2009 07:59 PM
  3. Caballera's Avatar
    Yeah a co-worker mentioned that also. I agree, specially if it's not a on going thing you tend to 'forget about it'.
    11-28-2009 09:41 PM